How to Design Bali Style Coffee Shop

With Covid19 measures are still enforced for dining out, making it more important to think of redesigning your cafe or coffee shop.

An outdoor seating is a solution, to give customers some peace in bringing family and friends dining out.

If you have some space around the front door, you may want to build a semi permanent seating layout. Adding some natural based furnitures and home decors will give some natural outdoor ambiance.

Get some husk roofing, wooden floor installed and woven furnitures. Add some rattan pendant lights on top of each table that is adding warm to the table.

Hang real plants, or put them in every corners or in between group seating. It gives a privacy feeling and distancing from other groups dining in.

Take some natural materials and eco friendly cushions and raffia placemats to bring more nature to the seating and table setting.

Get some natural based home decors and put them in a rack to sell. An idea for another revenue stream.

Get all your rattan pendant lights and woven bamboo lighting and convo us at to ship all the natural based flooring, roofing and furnitures.

Top biophilic designed cafe in Bali

This cafe has been my favourite ever, and always going back here every time I need some refreshed feeling. My friend and I can sit here for hours. And I told her I can sleep here haha…

As a natural based home decor designer, I am urged to style with furnitures and decors that truly bring nature inside. It’s very fortunate for this cafe to have their own rice field as a stunning view from where you are seating.

However it doesn’t have to be the case if there’s no nature involved in your place, you can always bring nature into your layout with bringing inside trees and plants into the whole concept. Give me a shot through and let’s discuss which furnitures and decors that will complement your space and local natures that you can bring inside to make it biophilic cafe.

Ideas to design outdoor dining with biophilic cafe design and open safe your cafe

Bali is famous with it’s outdoor dining, like many tourism destinations all over the world. Especially with its beautiful rice fields, making Bali is one of the loveliest islands with tourists and locals for it’s biophilic design cafes.

It’s jam packed with natural woven stool and woven cushion made of seagrass and rattan, and they add natural to the surrounding.

The rattan pendant light on top of each table seating add a special romance to this cafe interior design.

Checkout some ideas on how you can design your outdoor cafe or restaurant with us. With some smart ideas involving bioliphic natural plants, you can have a nature surrounding your cafe even though it’s located around business districts.

Beautiful rattan pendant light and four seating for each table. Distancing from other group seating. A Covid-19 safe layout in an outdoor cafe.

Let’s do this together. Email us at and let’s set up a semi permanent building that brings nature into your cafe that is Covid-19 safe.

Outdoor Biophilic Cafe Design

Looking for ideas how to set up your cafe for covid19 safe environment?Here is some ideas on how to create a beautiful biophilic cafe interior design that allows people to dine outdoor.If you have some space in front of the building, set up some patio cafe with semi permanent wooden piles and woven roofing. That might help with summer heat yet bringing outdoor ambiance.Convo us at on how to get this wooden patio with bamboo roofing and natural furnitures and decor suitable for outdoor use. And let’s be safe during this pandemic season.

Stylists love these pieces so a lot for their summer interiors

Rattan pendant lights are so mainstream at this moment, and we trust the pattern is staying put. Common materials bring a work of art, waterfront vibe to any space, and what better approach to join them into your home than with a pleasant ceiling fixture or divider sconce? Stylists love these pieces so a lot, in any event, utilizing them in their own homes! Regardless of whether you’re hoping to invigorate a room, washroom, or lounge room with refreshed lighting, you can’t turn out badly any of these picks.

Morocco rattan pendant lights

Made of natural rattan combined with black and white rattan ribbon are so cool for your Scandinavian interior design. It picks up the black and white and natural color combination of your furnishings.

Wintour rattan pendant lights

This mushroom shape of rattan pendant lights are a beautiful pick for white kitchen or cafe that truly wants to bring the mix of natural and aesthetics. The beautiful workmanship only adds elegance to the interior design.

Julia rattan pendant light

Even though it seems a bit high cost, but the beautiful shape and large size will make it a ceiling centerpiece! Allow your guests to enjoy this beautiful decorative rattan lighting on top of high ceiling in an open large living room.

Alicia rattan pendant lights

Made of twisted seagrass made into rattan, this piece are stunning pendant lights on top of your tropical kitchen island. Get this for outdoor kitchen or covered patio with a regular quarterly brushed. Or keep them clean longer inside.

At the end of the day, all you need to style this summer with is natural home decor that refreshes soul and mind and at the same time, the gratitude sense of joy that we are all meant for more creative and inspiring being surrounded by nature influence.

We love them in pairs

Rattan pendants are essentially upside down baskets (without handles) with a light in them, and we love them the same anyway. They add undeniable character due to their texture and handmade quality to a home. We love them in pairs over a kitchen island, on their own as a statement chandelier in a bedroom or living room. They give every space a boho aesthetic that is cool and chic.
download (1)Borneo Pendant Light - Good&Mojo (1)Komodo Bamboo Pendant Ceiling Light - Good&MojoApplique murale en lanière de bambou tissée main Kalimantan Good & Mojo _ DECOCLICO

Balinese Placemats Style

Set a backdrop for your plates with these hand-woven rattan placemats. Place these mats around the table to protect your surface while adding a natural look to your setting. These four round placemats are great for all occasions and require spot cleaning only for quick turnaround between uses. A timeless style that will complement a wide variety of tablescapes 15 inches round 100-percent Rattan Pattern.

Get yours here




Single and Available

Come and meet our single rattan pendant lights. Available here. This  pendant lights makes a gorgeous look and serves as a beautiful counterpoint to every room with different style. The tone-on-tone theme creates a serene atmosphere perfectly appropriate for this spacious environment. The fixture’s scale also adds a sense of ambience that keeps the simply furnished room from feeling unfinished.

Elodie+1+-+Light+Single+Dome+PendantElodie+1+-+Light+Single+Dome+Pendant (6)Elodie+1+-+Light+Single+Dome+Pendant (4)Elodie+1+-+Light+Single+Dome+Pendant (3)