Hidden Hills Throw Pillow

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Hidden Hills throw pillow

Cover & Insert

12 x 20 inches lumbar

Beautiful coastal decor. Pre order for 4 weeks.

Gifts for new home, tropical coastal living room decor couch pillow cover comes with beige linen throw pillow cover with embroidery, shell and beads.

Arrange the larger pillows to the side, with smaller ones in front, like on this outdoor couch that has a textured white pillow and mustard yellow pillow on each side and an earthy patterned pillow in the middle.

You have a gorgeous neutral sofa in beige and want the perfect cushions and pillows to go with it. Some people may find beige a bit bland or understated, but having a gorgeous neutral sofa gives you options. Run with the neutral theme, or spice it up with bold color.

Handmade with organic cotton and sea shells with tassel.

Natural texture pillows are trending this season. Bali decorative pillows follow the style surrounding island, and most is embellished with beads, sea shells and hand embroidery. A pillow art.

Just make sure you keep all of the throw pillows in a similar color tone, whichever color you choose. When choosing throw pillows, start by grounding the color palette with a dark hue, and work toward lighter shades in the color palette while mixing in patterns that echo similar colors. We love the idea of using beige and natural earth tone colors.

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