How to Decorating With Emily Yellow Earth Tones Pendant Light

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How to Decorating With Emily Yellow Earth Tones Pendant Light

Approximately 16D 12H.

Handwoven with love in Bali. Shipped with DHL Express.

Custom color is welcome. Allow two to three weeks to make.

Beautiful beads lamp with earth tones color. Great for decorating with yellow interior design lighting fixtures.

How to Decorating With Emily Yellow Earth Tones Pendant Light

Made of quality wooden beads, and powder coated metal frame in black.

Yellow Earth Tones Color Pendant Light with Beads Chandelier Lighting. Sustainable materials, wooden beads chandelier, handwoven pendant light.

Beads pendant lamp has been transformed from beaded chandelier in drape form into more solid handwoven beads. Beautiful home decor for mid century modern or bohemian interior design. Decorate wild with this orange earth tones color and summer interior bohemian design for artistic piece for your home this season. Great for jungalow theme too.

How to Decorating With Emily Yellow Earth Tones Pendant Light

Yellows are the “new cool”! They are bright, chirpy and cheerful! Choosing yellow for the pendant shade is definitely a daring task – but it is definitely worthy! Made with sustainable materials and quality wooden beads, you will absolutely love the decorated pendant light in your homes. Whether you have a neutral backdrop or a yellow and beige monochromatic contrast, this lighting will absolutely prove its worth! Beaded lights are an ongoing trend: being published in international interior design magazines and home décor articles, this lighting has gained momentum across the industry.

There are no hard and fast rules for this lighting: you could use them for a bohemian touch, coastal décor, Scandinavian living, traditional and transitional style, French country homes and contemporary styled interior design. Apart from kitchen island countertops, these lightings pave way for outdoor kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, outdoor kitchens and bathrooms. Apart from homes, this light is admired in hotels, tropical resorts, beach houses, vacation rentals, Airbnb rentals, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

The beaded look gives an extra touch of comfort and depth to your spaces. Hence, it is a given that they will look timeless and sophisticated in any and every design style! Make sure to pair them up with neutral beiges, whites, greiges, blacks, charcoals and try to avoid a lot of warm shades as it might over-do your space. Balance the colour with cooler shades like midnight blue and calm greys. There is no way the lighting will disappoint you! Hence, regardless of the design style, you will love the touch and feel of the light in your homes and outdoors! You guests will absolutely go “wow” as soon as you acquaint them with this light!