A Coastal Home with Rattan Chandelier

An everlasting trend – rattan pendant light has been limelight in the interior design industry for years. Their natural and organic appearance is bound to add a majestic look to a space that tends to grab the attention of all those who admire.

Made of metal-framed – rattan straws with love and care by the skilled artisans, these sets of lights are definitely going to add a touch of luxe and sophistication to your spaces.

With an inverted basket-like shape, the rattan lighting pendant sets are being seamlessly used in natural interior design styles with a more neutral backdrop.

Its timelessness is well reflected in farmhouse style interior design, classic mid-century modern, chic bohemian style, coastal and beach living, and japandi and scandinavian styled spaces. Not just in your apartments and mansions, but even the restaurants, boutique hotels, cafes, bars and retail shops have seemed to incorporate rattan pendant lights in their spaces.

Available in a set of 8 pendant lights, this staggered style of design is completely a unique concept of its own. Well! That is where the beauty lies! If you have a wide kitchen island table or a huge horizontal dining area, these pendant lighting solutions could be hung through the ceiling to create a perfect focal point in your room. There are no hard and fast rules to incorporate these products in homes – hence, regardless of the colour scheme, they are bound to align with the existing design style to create an overall cohesive look.

Specifying a rattan straw product in the homes bring you an inch closer to sustainable living. The intricate patterns created on the floor as well as the ceiling are worthy of admiration. Through this unintended art, a feeling of freshness is well imbibed that thereafter creates a sense of aesthetic and positivity flow in the space. Featured by House Beautiful and various other international magazines – this lighting has yet again proved to be a product of magnificence in the home décor industry.