Wholesale availability

We are more than happy to wholesale all items as long as you allow some time for us to catch up with the handmade production. Please email us at mybaliliving@gmail.com to discuss your preferred items and shipping options. Thank you so much and sending much love from Bali.

Can this pendant lights be used as a plug in?

They are meant to hang on the ceiling. However, if there's an electrician who can assemble the end plug pin into US standard to the wire we ship, it's possible to use as a plug in. Unfortunately we can't find US standard plug pin here in Bali, otherwise we will do so. Would any electrician be able to help you locally?

Can I use rattan pendant lights outdoor?

Most of rattan pendant lights are possible to hang outdoor. They are indeed discovered in the first place to use outdoor, given the characteristics of natural fibers processed from plants grown in Bali and surrounding islands. What might happen is, they discolor a little bit too fast due to humidity and wet, but some designers find it gloriously rustic because of the nature involvement in them. They keep looking for naturally worn pendants here in Bali.

One thing to be sure about using them outdoor, ask the local electrician if our fitting socket would be safe for your weather conditions, because they are when used in Bali. Or, else, you may simply get the fitting socket locally, where you know for sure they are meant for outdoor lighting.

How to clean rattan pendant lights

Rattan and all natural fibers or materials require regular dusting or wiping, I would suggest doing it every month. Especially when they are used outdoor, in contact with humidity, please use dump cloth with soda and vinegar regularly to remove mildew. Spraying softly with anti mildew after cleaning is fine. Expect some mildew with natural fibers, after months of using, because we stay away from hard chemicals in all our products, to maintain it's naturality. Hope this explains a bit.

Thanks for asking, sending much love from Bali ❤️ Grace