Bring The Outdoors In

From a passion for natural living life style, MyBaliLiving was born on 16th August 2018, celebrating the goodness of The Creator of Heaven and Earth, by designing natural based home accessories and furnitures.

Ever since, a thorough study was conducted to research the potential market for our unique, one of a kind designs, which led to create a new market for this, eclectic, bohemian and modern life style.

Our designs help accomplish your plans for Scandinavian, Nordic and Hamptons Living life style, yet going further to Rustic Modern and Farmhouse Coastal Living, where it gives you a laid back feeling of rest, relax and close to nature.

Are you an interior architect or designer? Let's work together to manifest your design plans and achieve the satisfied level we put our collaborative effort together into.

Benefits of Using Natural Materials

While there is nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful interior, it is also important to take into account other factors that could impact your health. Without it, you could end up with a disproportionate amount of synthetic materials, noticeable lack of natural light, and insufficient connection with the outdoors. And that can be bad for your health and mood, and it is not that helpful for the overall look of the house. What can you do about it? You can try using natural materials.

Choose from different kinds of materials we use, from woods to seagrass, rattan, reeds and tree branches, handwoven or simply tied, or let them loose to give it a maximum natural feeling.

Pick from various kinds of needs, furnitures, decors and accessories. Its a one stop resourcing experience from rugs to chairs, kitchen decors to bedroom lighting, nursery furnishings to patio stylish interior.