Indonesia Hand Carved Mirror Teak Wood Frame

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Indonesia Hand Carved Teak Mirror Frame

Approximate Size: 70 x 150 cm or approximately 28" x 60"

Allow 16 weeks to arrive. Shipped from Virginia, United States.

Hand carved mirror frame made of wood with tribal primitive pattern in rustic native style.

Supplied with: frame, support material for the mirror, loops for mounting on the wall.

Color: brown-and-white with matt coating.

The finishing touch to any bathroom is the perfect mirror. But if your vanity is looking a little lackluster, it may be time for some new bathroom mirror ideas. The good news is that there's a mirror for every style, whether you have a sleek, eclectic, tropical, contemporary space or a more elegant and traditional bathroom. Peruse this bathroom mirror idea to find the perfect piece and add some sparkle and shine to your morning routine.

Mirrors are one of those pieces that look better with age. Skip the fresh-from-the-factory piece and find a vintage or antique look mirror that's full of story, charm, and a few beautiful imperfections.

For a look that’s over-the-top glamorous, choose an ornate mirror with a sparkling frame. You can also play with scale and go for an oversize style. Convo us for custom size.

Point Dume African Tribal Mirror Frame. An artistic artisan wooden handcarved mirrors frame. Shipped with DHL Express and insured.

Rustic and Authentic, this beautiful hand-carved mirror piece is all that your home has been craving. Crafted with love and care from Bali, this beautiful piece of mirror is made of wood with tribal primitive pattern in rustic native style. The details are so intricate that your space looks refined and sophisticated immediately. Luxury and elegance simply oozes and fills your space with the utmost delightful experience.

Whether your bathroom vanity lacks a characteristic mirror, or the entry hallway console needs one, this beautiful rustic product promises to add a bold and charming character to your space. Highly preferable for rustic, eclectic, sleek, modern, traditional, transitional and contemporary space, this mirror, indeed will add a sense of depth and drama to the wall it has been hung on.

The brown and white matt coating helps create a timeless setting that can never fade away – even after ages! In fact, mirrors tend to look better as they age! The ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’ appearances that the mirror exhibits give a perfect reflection of your unique space. Mirrors are great home décor products for positive energy flow and feng shui. So, they definitely are “must-have” for homes. If you want to add a touch of richness and glamour to your space, mirrors are a great way to accomplish it!

This ornated mirror has a decorative accent with the sparkling frame that can enhance your rooms and make them feel much brighter and spacious. The beautiful frame creates a perfect focal point in your rooms that is bound to grab the attention of all your guests and visitors. Whether it’s a glam style bathroom, rustic family room or a traditional style living room, these mirrors altogether are a beautiful addition to your homes that you would absolutely love to have!