Pacific Coast Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Case 12 x 36 Inches

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Pacific Coast Extra Long Lumbar Pillow Case

12 x 36 Inches

Pillow case only. NO INSERT.

36 inches length

12 inches width

Fabric: Raw Beige Hemp Cotton

Embellishment: Shell and Cowrie

Pre order for 4 weeks.

Throw pillows make a perfect set of addition to our living rooms and bedrooms. They add an extra sense of cosiness and comfort to the couch while also acting as a bold decorative accent. One such eye-catchy instance is the pillow cover made with burlap jute and raffia that has been trendy in the design industry. Made with love and care from Bali, this product could be a perfect addition to your indoors as well as the outdoors.

With bold reflecting eclecticism, this pillow can be used for various interior design styles. They are timeless so you need not worry about the design fading away in the coming years – well, you can absolutely use it anytime and anywhere! Even though the pillowcase throws light upon bohemian style, it is also highly suited to coastal décor, Scandinavian style design, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Modern and Transitional style of design.

You could use these pillowcases on the outdoor furniture just like in your living rooms. In fact, this product is not only restricted to homes but even is appreciated in the waterfront restaurants, bars, cafes, boutique hotels and resorts, beach entertainment clubs, and luxury retreats.

Wondering where can you use it? Well, do you have an outdoor macrame swing or hammock? Or do you have luxe patio seating or a rooftop bar? Yes! This beautiful raffia burlap pillowcase would look great in that space.

The most beautiful part about these pillowcases is the little boho fringes that project out from the case. It adds perfect detailing and character to your furniture! Remember to always pair them up with rattan furniture, wooden furniture, and themed bohemian wedding décor. With the beautiful patterned natural and earthy tones, these throw pillows are definitely going to add the much-needed charm to your home interiors!